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What is the "Receipt Number" on your receipt?

1. Was our store clean?

a. Rate our showroom's cleanliness:

b. Rate the cleanliness of our restrooms:

2. How was your experience with your salesperson?

a. Do you know his name?

b. If so, who was your salesperson?

c. Was he/she friendly?

d. Was he/she helpful?

e. Did he/she act in a professional manner?

3. How was your experience with our office/checkout employees?

a. Were our office/checkout employees friendly and courteous?

b. Were our office/checkout employees helpful?

4. How was your experience with our warehouse/drop off service?

If you picked up your furniture...

a. Was your wait time at our warehouse dock appropriate?

b. Were our warehouse employees courteous and helpful?

If you used our drop off service...

c. Were our drop off employees courteous and helpful?

5. How was your experience with our merchandise?

a. Rate the selection you saw on our showroom floor:

b. Are there items that you think we should have that you didn't see on our showroom floor?

c. If so, what would you like to see in our store that you didn't?

d. How were our prices?

6. How was your overall experience with our store?

a. Was the product you received worth what you paid for it?

b. How likely would you be to shop with us again?

c. What's the one thing you would say we need to improve on the most?

7. How did you hear about Furniture Warehouse?

A few times a year, we send out e-mails to our customers about our new products and specials. May we keep you informed?

Thank you for completing the Furniture Warehouse Customer Satisfaction Survey! You're input is greatly appreciated and your feedback will aide us in our continuous effort to serve you better.

Thank you again for participating, and please continue to check our website for new merchandise!
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