Financing Options

Financing Options

Furniture Warehouse provides financing for our customers who want to choose low monthly payments. Opening an account is easy. Simply come by our store and fill out a short application. We are usually able to process your application in less than fifteen minutes.

A Preferred Customer Revolving Charge Account provided by Synchrony Financial is available as well as traditional installment financing through Mariner Finance. Installment plans through Mariner Finance carry an APR of 21.00%. Revolving accounts through Synchrony Financial carry an APR of 29.99%.

On Mariner and Personal Finance accounts, you can calculate the annual finance charge by multiplying the amount purchased by 11.75%.

You make of purchase totaling $1000 and wish to finance that amount of 12 months. To calculate your finance charge and monthly payment follow these steps:

1. $1000 cash price X .1175 = $117.50 finance charge.
2. Add the cash price to the finance charge and you get the total of payments for one year, $1117.50.
3. Divide that by 12 months and you get a monthly payment of $93.13.

The total finance charge increases as the term increases. Generally, we write installment contracts with a term between 12 and 36 months.

A sales associate will be happy to discuss our financing options in more detail, call (615) 256-5200. Valid identification, such as a state issued id or driver's license as well as another form of id (a valid credit card, work id, college id, ect.) is required to open your account.

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